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Hello! My AO3 name is Eida, and I've requested the following fandoms/pairings:

Final Fantasy X

Auron & Braska & Jecht
Fayth of Valefor & Yuna
Yuna & Lulu

Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena

Himemiya Anthy & Shinohara Wakaba
Himemiya Anthy/Tenjou Utena

Original Work

Elemental Magic User/Elemental Spirit
Female Demon/Female Human

Lady of the Shard (Webcomic)

Acolyte/Radiant Goddess | Temple Girl

As always, optional details are optional; if you've got an idea I didn't touch upon in this letter, please do feel free to run with it.

So far as tone goes, I'm good with a broad range--from the happy fluffy end of the scale to the darker, gloomier side.

These are my main do-not-wants:

-No excessive gore, please.

-I do not want anything sexually explicit in any fandom other than Original Work.

-I do not want anything sexually explicit involving male characters.

-I do not want anything sexually explicit involving characters under the age of 18.

Here are a few of my general fic likes:

-Relationship development


-Seeing characters be competent at what they do (and discovering their niche)

-Worldbuilding--I love seeing aspects of canon examined more deeply or expanded on in interesting ways

-Exploring the viewpoint of non-human characters who might think and behave differently than humans would

-Fics that include/consist of in-universe documents (i.e. letters, news articles, excerpts from history books, chatlogs, etc.)

Final Fantasy X

Auron & Braska & Jecht

I love this trio. Auron is a straitlaced, somewhat-gruff ex-warrior monk who clearly takes his job as guardian very seriously; at first, he doesn't seem to like Jecht very much, and doesn't understand why Braska wants him around at all, but by the end he's clearly gained some respect for his fellow guardian, and he's close enough with Jecht that he agrees to look after Jecht's son. Jecht is a fish-out-of-water; he can be pretty irreverent (he wasn't raised in the Yevon religion, as the other two were, after all), and at first, he doesn't take things quite so seriously as Auron, but after a while traveling with him and Braska, he gets to the point where he willingly offers his own life to bring the Calm. Braska seems to serve as a medium between the two; while he takes his duty as a summoner very seriously, he doesn't necessarily take himself as seriously, and takes Jecht's attitude in stride.

I'd love to see anything involving the three of them during the pilgrimage--whether it's something lighter (a humorous episode in the pilgrimage) or something a bit heavier (soul-searching and discussion in Zanarkand, when Braska and Jecht prepare to make their mutual sacrifice).

Fayth of Valefor & Yuna

Valefor was always my favorite aeon, and I sort of feel that Yuna must have had a special bond with the fayth in Besaid, given that Besaid was where she grew up after her father's death, and was where she started her pilgrimage. I think it's interesting that, if memory serves, Valefor is the only aeon Yuna summons in a non-combat context--first, when she's demonstrating that she's gotten an aeon and officially become a summoner, she summons Valefor in the middle of the village; later, when she leaps from a ledge at the wedding ceremony in Bevelle, she summons Valefor to fly her away.

There's also the fact that Valefor's fayth appears to be a young woman--perhaps around Yuna's age at the time she was made into a fayth. We don't get a lot of detail about the background of the individual fayth, though presumably the nature of the individual who became a fayth is reflected in some way by the aeon their dreams manifest.

I'd be interested to see a fic about the first time Yuna went to pray to the fayth--what did that entail? It seems as though fayth know the truth about Sin, but given that Yuna didn't know until Yunalesca explained things in Zanarkand, it seems none of the fayth were inclined to share at first (though they become rather more forthcoming when you visit them a second time post-Zanarkand.)

Or, since aeons are manifestations of the fayth, a fic could center around a time when Yuna summoned Valefor.

On the sadder side--at the end of the game, Yuna is forced to defeat and send Valefor, to end the cycle of Sin; I imagine that was a deeply emotional experience for both summoner and fayth.

Yuna & Lulu

Yuna and Lulu seem to have a little sister/big sister sort of relationship. I believe Yuna would have been around eight when she was brought to Besaid, and Lulu would have been around 13; I imagine that Lulu might have felt rather protective of Yuna after Yuna showed up on Besaid--one girl orphaned by Sin wanting to look after another. Despite that protectiveness, Lulu has to watch Yuna set forth on a path that they both know will end in Yuna's death--even though she cares about Yuna, she knows that Yuna is not going to be turned away from her path. Yuna, too, knows that what she's doing is going to cause pain to those who love her, but she feels she's making this sacrifice for their sake, as well as the rest of the world--to defeat Sin, and end the cycle of destruction. Of course, things aren't as the teachings of Yevon say, and in the end, it isn't Yuna's life that is sacrificed. After the end of FFX, Yuna and Lulu have another experience in common--they've both lost the man they loved.

I'd love to see anything between the two of them. Perhaps a scene from when Yuna had just come to Besaid, and is getting to know Lulu. Or, a bit later, a heart-to-heart between Yuna and Lulu when Yuna first sets out on the path of a summoner, or when Lulu leaves Besaid to accompany Father Zuke or Lady Ginnem on their pilgrimages--because if they succeed, Yuna won't have to make hers. Or you could write something that takes place during Yuna's pilgrimage--be it a quiet interlude in the earlier part of their journey, or after they both discover that the teachings of Yevon have misled them. Or, perhaps, you could write something in the aftermath of Sin's defeat, where Yuna is being celebrated as the savior of Spira and the last High Summoner, and must put on a brave face in public (as she's always done, as a summoner), while in private she is grieving, and probably only feels able to open up to someone who shared her journey with her.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena

Himemiya Anthy & Shinohara Wakaba

These two are both close to Utena, but I don't recall them interacting with each other all that much during the series. (Though there was that Black Rose incident where Wakaba tried to kill Anthy... but other than that, not much. :P) They're part of two separate worlds--Anthy is an integral part of the magical side of Ohtori and the duels, while Wakaba remains squarely on the mundane side of things, for the most part (aside from said Black Rose incident). I think Wakaba's energetic nature could, just like Utena's, work well dynamically with Anthy's calmer nature--and heavens know Wakaba, with her longing to be special, would leap at the chance to get involved with the magical side of the world, when she was left mostly on the periphery within the series itself.

I'd love to see something between the two of them. You could have it set in Ohtori, pre-Utena's disappearance--perhaps some scenario where Wakaba is trying to get to know Anthy a little better (and maybe figure out what it is that Utena sees in her).

I'd really love to see the two meet up again post-series. Possibly, Anthy is still searching for Utena, and she wonders if Wakaba might be able to offer some clue--or else she simply wants to talk to someone who knew Utena (though Anthy would have to find some way to enable Wakaba to recover her memories of Utena, first). Or, shoot, maybe she just wants someone to trash-talk Saionji with.

Alternatively, maybe Anthy finds Utena first, and Utena is the one to suggest seeking out her friend from school, and Anthy befriends Wakaba as a result of that.

Himemiya Anthy/Tenjou Utena

Ah, I love these two. I love their whole storyline--Utena striving to be princely and rescue Anthy, while Anthy is not, as it turns out, a princess who can be swept up on a white horse and carried away. But even as her illusions about the situation are shattered, and Anthy literally stabs her in the back, Utena holds to her nobility, and never gives up on Anthy--and in doing so, she enables Anthy to rescue herself.

Really, I'd love anything between these two. Something during the series, as their relationship develops--Utena trying to keep Anthy safe, and get her to open up a bit more, while Anthy is working behind the scenes to manipulate Utena as part of her and Akio's plot to unseal the power of Dios... but all the while, Anthy is developing feelings for Utena.

Or after--I don't know if I'll ever get tired of seeing different variants on the "Anthy finds Utena, what happens next?" theme. How does the reunion go?

Original Work

Elemental Magic User/Elemental Spirit

Perhaps the magic user is summoning the spirit to assist with some task (which would vary depending on the element--a storm/water spirit to help end a drought, or a nature spirit to help remove some blight or poison from an area, or a helium spirit to help fill a fleet of airship balloons--hey, helium's an element! It's on the table and everything!) and either the spirit has to stick around for a while to fulfill their task, giving summoner and summonee a chance to know each other, or the magic user keeps finding reasons to summon that same spirit, and they both come to the realization that they have feelings for each other.

Or maybe the elemental spirit is the one to seek out the magic user--perhaps it's the spirit that requires assistance that only a mage can provide. Alternatively, perhaps the mage's power and affinity for their element has attracted the attention of a powerful spirit, and they're impressed enough that they wish to investigate the magic-user more closely, and a bond develops from there.

Female Demon/Female Human

One potential scenario: a female demon is sent to tempt an innocent human woman, but ends up falling in love with her victim, and ends up going renegade.

Alternatively, the female human is a demon-hunter who comes across a demon who, somehow, doesn't seem so bad as she's been led to believe all demons are, and ends up falling for her.

Or maybe the two started out as a demon-hunting team--the demon had already gone rogue, and now helps her human partner hunt down destructive demons who are causing havok in the mortal world. Or maybe the demon hasn't gone rogue, and the demon hierarchy doesn't want demons running around the mortal world willy-nilly, so they sent her out to hunt her fellows down, and she and the human wound up joining forces.

Or the female human could be a nun/priestess trying to convert a captive demon to the path of goodness, rather than simply banishing her back to the demon realm.


Perhaps the two princesses are part of an arranged marriage for political purposes (in some setting where same-sex arranged marriages are a thing--either because an heir is unwanted for some reason, or because two women can have a baby together via magic in this setting), and, thankfully, find themselves falling in love.

Or, alternatively, maybe one princess is trying to escape her current situation--perhaps she's going to be forced into a thoroughly unwanted arranged marriage, or her rightful throne has been usurped by some other party and she's trying to reclaim it--and goes to the other princess for help, and the two end up falling in love along the way.

Lady of the Shard (Webcomic)

Acolyte/Radiant Goddess | Temple Girl

This was such a lovely story. The Acolyte is adorably dorky, even when she becomes the immortal host of a wee tiny shard of divinity, and a High Priestess. I love how earnest she is, and how kind and loving she is--enough to show compassion to the Old God, and end up saving the whole of creation in doing so. The Radiant Goddess, too, is wonderful; she is a human ascended to godhood, and devoted to looking after her people, but, like the Old God, she found her immortality and power to be isolating. Now, of course, she has another immortal to share her life with.
I'd love to see something like one of the early encounters between the Acolyte and the newly-awakened Radiant Goddess, as the Acolyte tries to figure out her relationship with the goddess she serves (and loves), or perhaps something after the Radiant Goddess merges with the Old God and becomes the All-Goddess, when she and the Acolyte-now-High-Priestess are continuing their relationship.

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